Steve Sheffler, 2014-08-21 20:49:44
norton flagging as malware
Norton is flagging your software as malware, have you had this problem before and assuming so, why is it doing that... it is at remote user so I don't have exact info. Info I looked up pointed to media.dll but I don't know if his problem is that or myteamvoice.exe What can you tell me?
administrator's answer
First of all if you have downloaded MyTeamVoice Client application from our site (http://myteamvoice.com/download/index) - we guarantee that it has no malware in it. And no we haven't faced such problems yet, it must be a mistake. It is a common thing that antiviruses suspects files to be a malware because some parts of it "looks like" something in their base. Thanks, for your feedback, we will try so solve this problem asap.

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