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arrivance, 2015-03-29 19:42:32
Fake website of 'MyTeamVoice'
There is currently a fake website pretending to be 'MyTeamVoice', currently located at: http://myteamvoxing.com/en/home/index. I'd appreciate your attempts to take this down.
administrator's answer
We have already noticed this site. The software on that site is stealing steam's accounts. We have already informed major browser developers about phishing. Unfortunately the hoster of this site have rejected to close it. But we will continue our attempts.

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info, 2015-03-30 11:24:21
Please report about this site (http://myteamvoxing.com/en/home/index) via your browsers. Also you may notify Google here: https://www.google.com/safebrowsing/report_phish/ or here: https://www.stopbadware.org/
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